Quality Education For Immigrant Children In Costa Rica

Schools are always important, and here in Costa Rica, there are many qualities educational institutions educating the citizens, teaching them all the necessary technical, language, and other practical skills. They orient the children into the core values, making them responsible Costa Ricans, model citizens emulated and envied mainly throughout the world.

But aside from quality education afforded to citizens of the country, some schools also cater to foreigners, children of expatriates, and immigrants. Those schools are the best in Costa Rica and comparable to most elite schools worldwide, and these schools tailor their curricula according to the needs of students.

Children of immigrants may have difficulties adjusting to their new environment. They need to be slowly acclimatized, and thus these schools will give them the best of both worlds, keeping them in step with the rest of the world as they accustom themselves to their new environment.

Therefore, schools that cater to those children have a three-fold purpose: facilitate the integration of those children into Costa Rican society, even as they promote cosmopolitanism and try to make them citizens of the world too as much as citizens of Costa Rica. Finally, they are taught the knowledge, skills, and values necessary to be educated and develop their full potential.

Among the schools available for immigrant children are several international schools, like the Costa Rica International Academy located in Guanacaste. The Academy offers up to K-12 education and will teach children core knowledge and skills, aside from giving subjects to acclimatize them in Costa Rican society, like Spanish, for instance.

Another one would be the Waldorf School of Guanacaste. They educate children according to the principles of Waldorf education, that is, developing all aspects of their personality like emotional, spiritual, psychological, academic, and the like, allowing children to adjust to their environment and make the most out of their talents and abilities.

Other schools are the La Paz Community School in MarVista that educates children to be truly fluent in Spanish, the Tide Academy in Tamarindo that caters to children of parents who are always on the move, the Journey School of Guanacaste that offers personalized education up to grade 12. Lastly, Educarte, near Tamarindo, uses a combination of traditional and new ways of teaching.

So, if you ever decide to live here in Costa Rica, education for your children is undoubtedly not a problem. Quality education is one thing the country is proud of, and with various international schools, your child can indeed have one.