Healthy Living In Costa Rica’s Blue Zone

Despite people having a longer lifespan and quality of life certainly better than previous centuries, it is still rare for most of us to reach the century mark. Rarer still is the concentration of those people in a specific geographical zone. It is almost an oddity for people to live past a hundred years for most regions and countries.

But there are few places which a large population of such elderly could be found. They are called the “Blue Zone,” where people live extraordinarily long compared to other people globally. One such place is in Costa Rica, the Nicoya Peninsula. What are the secrets of people living in the largest Blue Zone in the world?

The need to live healthily to attain long life is almost a given, almost a cliché, so we must elaborate further. What does it mean to engage in healthy living in the famed Blue Zone of Costa Rica? It means doing these things:

Eat Traditional Food

Wherever you are, you must eat properly, but people here in the Blue Zone eat just in moderation and consume the local products they deem to give them nutrients, energy, and longevity. Local food contains secrets to long life, for they do not contain harmful chemicals and preservatives.

Take A Break and Slow Down

The modern world and contemporary life are so fast-paced that people hardly pause and take a breath. It is not the case with people in the Blue Zone. Hard workers, all of them, nevertheless they know when to take a break and rest. Rest is essential because it rejuvenates the body and allows it to recover, healing and make possible longevity.

Follow The Tradition

Long life is not a coincidence; it is possible only when people follow specific rules, teachings, and traditions. These are time-honored principles handed down from generation to generation, rooted in history, and whose wisdom has been proven time and again.

 It would be best to follow the tradition responsible for the lifestyle that generated extraordinary longevity of the people, to begin with.

Live In Peace with The Environment

Be at one with nature and learn to appreciate it. Maintaining the natural balance between people and the environment is the key to the sustainable lifestyle that engenders longevity. Any Blue Zone would not be possible if no environment would nurture individuals to be healthy, and the Nicoya Peninsula in Costa Rica is no exception.