Ten Reasons Why Living In Costa Rica Is Fun

Costa Rica is one of the most beautiful countries in the western hemisphere. Trapped between two vast oceans, it is a paradise that boasts of alluring beaches, crystal clear rivers, magnificent waterfalls, majestic mountains. It is also home to diversified wildlife and incredible flora and fauna. Best of all, it is a country with friendly, hospitable people, great tradition and history.

Let us dig deeper and look at everything the country offers, enough reasons to convince many people to settle here for good.


Why Must You Live in Costa Rica? Ten Reasons To Do So

1. One of the safest

In the region considered one of the more turbulent the past decades, Costa Rica is considered a picture of calm, peace, serenity. It is considered one of the safest countries in Latin America, if not the safest, and also considered one of the safest countries worldwide. Those concerned with security will be at peace and ease in Costa Rica.

2. One of the cheapest

The cost of living in Costa Rica is way low compared to other countries in the western hemisphere. Your money will undoubtedly cost more here than in the US and other European countries. It means you can live so much with so little, making it an attractive place of retirement for most people as well as a nice place to invest money.

3. The great attraction

Concerns about safety and economics aside, Costa Rica's beautiful sceneries attract tourists, expatriates, and immigrants. Who would not want to live beside sultry beaches or hike those majestic mountains? Or traverse those hinterlands and see for themselves the exotic wildlife. Beauty itself is enough reason to live in Costa Rica.

4. Wonderful people

Costa Ricans are known for their hospitality, kindness, and friendliness and are known chiefly for being jolly. They are proud of their culture and are forever willing to share them with tourists and immigrants. Those who want to live here will feel at home, for Costs Ricans will always treat you as one of them, never a stranger.

5. Great health care system

Costa Rica boasts of an excellent healthcare system, which means it takes care of its population well. They provide the necessary care to every citizen, allowing the population to focus more on other things, like economic activity, cultural activity, and promotion of individual and general well-being. They need not worry about spending money on health for the state provides for it.

6. Manageable population

Costa Rican population hovers just around five million inhabitants, and they are undoubtedly not in danger of population explosion anytime now. It means that the country's citizens are well taken care of, and vital resources are afforded to those who need them. All the hassles associated with densely populated areas are absent in Costa Rica.

7. Environment friendly

Costa Rica is one of the cleanest and least polluted countries globally. Thus, all of its attractions are devoid of the usual environmental issues plaguing other parts of the world. A clean environment, of course, contributes to the general well-being and health of the populace, making Costa Ricans one of the healthiest people on the planet.

8. Wonderful weather and climate

Costa Rica has a tropical climate, mostly sunny all year round, and it probably contributes to the upbeat demeanor of the people and the country as a whole. However, the capital city itself and the highlands are elevated enough to provide inhabitants with a mild climate. Whatever the case may be, the weather is undoubtedly forgiving in Costa Rica compared to other parts of the world.

9. Great culture and tradition

Costa Rica is proud of its rich tradition, culture, and history, seen in its arts, architecture, and various activities and festivities. This tradition makes the country receptive to foreigners, making them feel at home quickly, and never be out of place in this beautiful Central American country.

10. Sustainable lifestyle

Everything we mentioned creates an atmosphere conducive to healthy living. Costa Rica promotes positive attitudes concerning the environment, interpersonal relationships, preservation of heritage, culture, and economic activity not unbridled by the desire for gain or profit. A sustainable lifestyle based on a sustainable environment and economic activity is the promise of Costa Rica.